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Moving house Edgware can be a difficult and expensive experience. Whether you have decided to move yourself or whether you have hired a removals firm, the process can be tricky and prove more costly and stressful than you imagined. One option which people could consider is to, rather than hiring a removals firm or renting a van, is to go for the middle option: the man and a van. Hiring a local with his own van will provide a number of great benefits while keeping costs down.

The flexibility offered by a man and a van will be off a huge benefit. While larger firms will require booking months in advance and will stick to a strict and rigid itinerary, often backed up by guild guidelines, the man and a van option allows for a far less structured move, allowing you to react to changes in circumstance and agenda which is simply not possible when acting with a large and professional moving firm. Similarly, if you have rented a van you leave yourself open to the possibility of late fines and additional costs should moving to Harrow take longer than expected. A man with a van can stay until the job is done and is not limited by the opening and closing times of a rental depot.

The cost of moving to Edgware can be expensive. Whether you are moving from outside of London, or moving in London, removals companies in London can be a costly enterprise. Likewise, the possibility of late fees, the need to purchase fuel and any associated costs of moving in London (such as the congestion charge) can be a difficulty faced when renting your own van. With these two options, you are either victim of a higher initial cost, or running the risk of unexpected costs for which you did not budget. The man with van offered the expertise and equipment of a professional removals firm at a much lower cost, while eliminating the stresses and concerns facing those renting a vehicle.

An often overlooked benefit of hiring a man with van is his knowledge of the local area. For removals in Edgware, hiring a man with a van will ensure that you do not get lost. The nature of removals firms means that they can be forced to travel a great distance and cover a large area. This could mean that their local knowledge is not as refined as an expert who spends his entire working life in the Harrow area. In the modern age, satellite navigation devices can help to eliminate this issue, but they are not infallible and are certainly not replacement for first hand expertise. Hiring a moving van and conducting your own removal opens you up to similar worries, especially if you are new to the area.

A similar benefit, not only in terms of finding your way to the new property, but the hiring a man and a van in the HA postcode area will help to advise you of any potential traffic and parking concerns. With expert knowledge of the local area, which is unlikely to be matched by the bigger firms or your own knowledge, a man with a van can provide helpful advice on which are the best times of day and the best days in the month to be moving. This kind of information can make the difference between a stressful and slow move and an easy and simple process.

A man with a van provides a great option when moving to the area. Not only will he help keep costs down, but his local expertise is why many people prefer to use his services.

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