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Moving house is regarded as one of the most stressful experiences in modern life. However, there are several methods and tricks to reducing this stress, especially when conducting a house removal in E2, London. The East End can be a busy and bustling place, but these tips should help turn the house removal into a much more pleasant experience.

1. Make a moving list – A moving list is a comprehensive run down of everything you expect to encounter when moving house. Plan ahead and itemise each and every aspect of your move. Considering every option now will leave you prepared for your E2 move.

2. Consider a firm – a removals firm can help eliminate a great deal of stress from any house move. A team of experts who are well practised with their removals equipment will reduce the time and worries usually involved in any move.

3. Consider your children – If you have kids, then consider letting them have a day off from the move. When moving, E2 has a great many childcare facilities or venues to entertain all ages. A trip with or to their grandparents or a friend’s house might just give you one less thing to worry about when moving house.

4. Pets are the same – if you own a dog or a cat, then the constant care and love they require can be a stressful distraction on moving day. If you have hired a firm, a large amount of unfamiliar people may disconcert the animal. As such, consider a holiday for the pet to one of East London’s many pet housing solutions.

5. Consider the order of your packing – packing away your entire life can be tricky, less so if you allow a removals firm to assist. However, when doing so, consider the order in which you pack things away, and thus the order in which you will unpack them. Don’t put the vital items at the bottom of the first box, lest you need it in a hurry.

6. Make a survival kit – building on the order in which you pack, put aside the truly essential items and make a survival kit for when you are moving house in E2. Food, drinks, spare clothes, bedding, medical supplies, essential documents, a map and a set of keys are all great to have immediately to hand.

7. Avoid busy times – London is a busy city. Moving house in Bethnal Green or switching properties in Shoreditch can leave you locked in traffic if you pick the wrong time of day. Consult with you removals firm or even plan out the route yourself beforehand in order to ensure that you don’t get stuck

8. Don’t get lost – building on the previous point, the nature of London as a city means that it can be quite difficult to always maintain navigation. A map (part of your survival kit) and written instructions will prevent you from getting lost when moving house in the E2 area.

9. Notify your utilities companies – This is important in order to prevent the stress of a large bill or the lack of access to a particular utility. When moving, check which services are available to new tenants in E2 and whether these are any of your existing utilities providers. Some companies can switch your properties for you, without a change in the service. Others you may have to cancel outright.

10. Consult the previous tenant – Finally, ask the previous occupant of the property if there are any particular things to note. A warning now of any particular idiosyncrasies can save a lot of worry further down the line.

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