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The delights of east London are seemingly never ending. Having once been the mainstay for London gangsters like the Krays and the Richardsons, the east end has recently shot up in popularity because of its status as a playground for the young, fashionable and for some part, talented. With this in mind, the house prices in the area have rocketed, and look to be continuing to do so, so securing yourself a place in this fashionable district is a feat worthy of celebration. Something that you will be less pleased about however, is the prospect of making the transition between homes, as the effort of getting everything that you own from one place to another can be a seriously long winded one. In reality, the basics of a move are pretty simple, you pack everything up, put it in a van and unpack it at the other end, but nothing is ever that easy. When you combine such a trivial set of tasks with all of the other things involved in switching residences, and the costs involved, everything can get a bit hectic quite quickly. We are here to give you some advice for when you don’t have a huge amount of stuff, but you still need a little advice on how to handle an E2 small move.

So, you’re probably moving a one or two bed flat, and for this you should only need an E2 man and van service, unless your flat is absolutely massive, in which case you will need a removals team. Booking a man and van service is easy, as there are loads of them all over east London, but finding a good deal can be a little trickier. Make sure you ring round a few companies, and try to seek out less obvious firms or individuals, as these will often be a little cheaper, as they need to beat the competition who have fancy websites! You will come across various ways of being charged for the job, from a flat fee for the whole thing, to a price per hour. The rate per hour is often a lot cheaper than a flat fee, but it will not cover you against the risk of getting stuck in traffic, or anything going wrong, so you need to have confidence in the route and the traffic if you are going on the hour. There are companies who start at ?15 per hour, so if your move is a small one, then you shouldn’t have to spend that much overall.

Get a friend involved to help with the lifting, and lower your time spent on the clock with the van driver by having things outside your place and ready to be loaded in before they arrive. In the same sense, unload quickly on the other end, so that the driver can leave, reducing the amount of time that you are paying for. This is obviously only if you do not need the driver to help you lift things into the new place.

Start planning the move a fair way in advance, and you should come to realize that in actual fact, the move is not such a burden as it may have seemed. If you only get to thinking about it all the day before however, then your life will become hell for a few days as you have to run around like a nutter trying to get everything sorted as quickly as possible!

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