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Move Abroad The Easy Way

Move Abroad The Easy Way

26Sep 2014

Thinking of moving house beyond our borders? Moving outside of the UK might seem like an impossible task to organise, but there's no need to panic. Moving abroad needn't be very complex but it certainly pays to be organised and prepared far in advance. First of all, think about what you're going to be taking with you and what you can leave behind. What items can you get once you're out there? What items are unique and invaluable that you simply cannot leave behind? You may need to also think about whether it may be cheaper for pay for transportation of certain items rather than buying them brand new again. Be strict with yourself. If money is not a problem and you can afford to transport everything, then this step may not be so much of an issue. But if you're counting the pennies, you may need to think carefully. Being clever about maybe selling on certain unwanted items may help ease the cost of moving abroad. Getting rid of certain items of furniture may also be beneficial... is your sofa or bed-stand in poor condition and need replacing? Now's the time!So what do you do now you've made your two lists? For the items you no longer need and aren't taking abroad, there's a few options. If you think you may return again at some point, you could put some items into secure self storage. If you no longer want them at all, you can sell or give them away. If you're short on time, giving them out to friends and family can be a quick solution. Other than this, you can pay a removals company to clear unwanted furniture from the house. Most removal companies are echo-friendly and will try to reuse or recycle as many items as possible so there's no need to worry about wasting perfectly good furniture. If you're getting rid of valuable items, why not head to an auction house and make some money from your old antics?As for the items you're taking with you, one of the best and cheapest options is to rent a container on a freight ship. This can be a long process, depending on the distance and location you're travelling to. It's going to take a whilst and you'll be simply waiting for everything to arrive. You may have to stay in an empty house with little utilities until it arrives, or it may be best to plan out how you will live until the ship arrives, which can be anything up to three months or more. It is a common pathway to ship your bulky items a week before flying out yourself. When flying, you can look into taking not just immediate essentials such as clothing and personal items, but it can be a good idea to pay a little more money to take certain extra larger items like certain kitchen items to be able to provide for yourself and bedding. But how do you get your items to the container in the first place? Just like moving house, you'll need to pack up your items safely and securely and transport them to the container. Packing smaller items into boxes, labelling each one carefully. Larger items with moving parts such as wardrobes with opening doors and drawers should be secured with either rope or tape so that there are no moving parts. Delicate items should be wrapped, padded and packaged as securely as possible. Using a hire van or lorry, take your items to the container and unload carefully. Don't forget, you'll need to hire a van or lorry on the other side too! So make sure you pack and label everything properly. They'll be travelling for a long time without supervision!

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