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External self-storage companies have grown exponentially in recent years as people continue to look for ways to securely store their possessions that they do not require daily access to. Old chairs, winter sports gear, summer sports gear – whatever it is they need to store, people are increasingly looking for external self-storage companies to do so. Perhaps this is because the average person simply owns more stuff now. Who knows what the reason for the increase in external self-storage use is, all that is important to know is that is becoming ever more popular.
There are a variety of types of different external self-storage. From indoor warehouse self-storage, to urban garage self-storage, and outdoor self-storage. Each form of storage has their advantages and disadvantages, but one form that appears to be becoming increasingly popular within the industry of self-storage is outdoor self-storage.

Outdoor self-storage complexes provide their customers with steel shipping containers to store their goods in. These containers come in all shapes and sizes, and how you pay to use them each month depends on what size you require. From 25 to 75 squared-food; no matter what size you require, any good and reputable outdoor self-storage complex will have it available for you to rent immediately. Below are just a few advantages of using outdoor self-storage units over other forms of external self-storage.

Outdoor self-storage v. Indoor SW5 self-storage

Indoor self-storage complexes can usually be found within an urban environment, providing their clients with easily accessible storage units. On top of the easy access that indoor self-storage complexes provide, they also provide a comprehensive level of security. CCTV, round-the-clock guards, fences and alarms means the patron of an indoor self-storage complex will have peace of mind knowing their possessions are well protected.

But, outdoor self-storage complexes do not skimp on their security either. Like indoor self-storage complexes, any good and reputable outdoor self-storage complex will have guards, fences, alarms, and CCTV cameras. As they are also located in suburban and rural areas, they are shielded from the criminal activities found in urban areas.
Outdoor Earls Court self-storage complexes also allow their drivers to drive their vehicle right up to their container. If you are planning to store something that is extremely heavy, if you were to choose the services of an indoor self-storage complex, you’d have to carry it from the car park, into the main reception, and then to your allocated unit. If you were to choose an outdoor Earls Court storage unit, all you would have to do is reverse your vehicle up to the doors of your allocated steel container and then unload whatever you want in to it.

As steel containers are found in the rural areas, they do not have to pay the upkeep in fees that their urban indoor counterparts do. These savings are passed onto you.

Urban garage self-storage v Outdoor self-storage

Urban garage self-storage is much like it outdoor self-storage SW5. There are really only two differences: the first being that you are given a steel shipping container for outdoor self-storage complexes whereas you get a garage for urban garage storage. The second difference is that outdoor self-storage complexes are located in rural areas, where as urban garage storage is, well, found in urban areas.

Garage storage may also let you drive your vehicle straight up to your unit like outdoor storage units. But, as previously touched on before, the advantage of outdoor self-storage over urban garage storage SW5 is the price. As rent, maintenance and pretty everything else is much more expensive in the city, rural outdoor self-storage is much more financially prudent. So if you are working to a tight budget, it is probably best to give outdoor self-storage a go.

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